• Always Fresh and Delicious

    We use the freshest ingredients and a host of innovative and delicious recipes to deliver a product you will always be proud to sell as your own.

  • From Kit To Kitchen In Seconds!

    Our innovative and highly efficient packaging system allows us to provide a wide variety of salad kits which you simply mix and serve. It really is that easy!

  • We Have Our Own Fleet

    We maintain our own delivery fleet to ensure that our products always arrive at their peak flavor and freshness. We are accustomed to servicing large orders for customers and we currently supply a network of over 4000 grocery stores.

  • Our Pasta Based Salads

    Check out our delicious pasta based salads and other fresh creations

Welcome to world of fresh new food creations

CSI-Home-sideimageCSI manufactures a host of delightfully fresh products for the grocery and food service industries. We service a network of over 4000 grocery stores. You might have seen some of our products in Ingles, Harris-Teeter and Kroger stores across the nation. We offer a host of solutions that take the worry out of measuring, preparing, cleaning and chopping all the materials associated with selling pasta and salad based products.  Our company was born out of the need to provide high end salad kits for Bruno's grocery stores but since then we have evolved to offer a host of frsh and delicious products.

 We constantly strive to create innovative new products to services our customers needs. Its is this mindset which led to the creation of  our new label ,  Lakeview Foods which specializes in entrées and entrée kits. Some current examples of these kits include:

  • Chicken enchilada kits
  • Marinara,Vodka, Alfredo, Cheese, or other types of pasta sauces and kits
  •  Vegetable and meat based pasta kits
  • Pre-packaged and sleeved roasted chickens
  • And more!

Our customers know that our salad kits and other items are always of the highest quality and are proud to sell them under their own brands. Our innovative an efficient packaging systems also allows for easy preparation with the required ingredients provided in the exact quantities required so one must only open the items includes in the kit and combine them in a large dish. We operate our facility to the highest standards of food safety and maintain tight controls of all supply and production lines to ensure that our products always arrive at their peak flavor. If you are ready to open the door to a new world of delicious creations and easy preparation then contact us for more information.